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Job Openings >> Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Title:Electrical Engineer
Job Location:Iwakuni, Japan

ALQIMI is currently seeking an Electrical Engineer for an immediate opening to support our customer located in Iwakuni Japan. Qualified candidate must be bilingual in Japanese and English for reading and writing.

Must be able to pass a Background Check.


  • Assist and support project managers responsible for technical criteria and requirements used in the development of Charrette Documents, Basic Criteria Packages (BCP), designs and issue resolution of DPRI related facilities projects funded through the Government of Japan (GOJ). Projects include administration/operational facilities, community support/quality of life facilities including bachelor and family housing, and infrastructure/utility improvements.
  • Provide technical design assistance to tenant and user activities on all matters of engineering and architectural nature including functional layout, technical requirements, standards, and construction design scheduling.
  • Assist in the coordination of the technical criteria of a project based on user requirements and collateral equipment needs. Defines engineering design criteria to ensure technical adequacy.
  • Assist in performing technical design and shop drawing reviews to ensure compliance with the intent and requirements of the design criteria package.
  • Provide technical review of BCPs and technical requirements specifications, engineering designs and construction for new facilities. Identify discrepancies and/or inadequacies relative to US standards and requirements, and inform project manager for resolution.
  • Maintain close contact with tenant agencies, higher echelon Marine Corps/Navy engineering personnel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, representatives of other U.S. Military Services, GOJ representatives, and other personnel as required.
  • Assist in the review of the technical work performed by other reviewing and supporting agencies for quality assurance purposes. Other reviewing and supporting agencies include Marine Corps/Navy engineering personnel, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, representatives of using agencies and GOJ Ministry of Defense engineering staff and contracted designers.


  • Shall be a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed within the Electrical Engineering area of expertise.
  • Demonstrated technical fluency in reading and writing both Japanese and English (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, (JLPT), Level N4 or better or equivalent, and a Test of English for International Communication, TOEIC, of 600 or higher or equivalent).
  • Education. Baccalaureate or higher level degree with a major in Engineering or Architecture OR a combination of education and experience which furnished a thorough knowledge of the physical and mathematical sciences underlying professional engineering, and a good understanding both theoretical and practical, of the engineering sciences and techniques and their applications to electrical engineering.

Four (4) years of specialized experience in the following:

  • Experience and capacity to act as a principal contributor managing team-based construction projects including formulation of project requirements, refinement of project requirements in engineering terms, provide technical oversight and direction, submittal of documents, execution of program and project designs, acceptance of project documentation, project completion
  • Experience in review of construction drawings prepared by both the US Government and the Government of Japan
  • Detailed knowledge of, and highly experienced in the development and review of technical requirements, concepts, principles, standards, and methods in order to ensure that the electrical engineering portion of building construction and land development projects are designed and constructed in accordance with the required operational and functional criteria.
  • Broad professional knowledge of a wide range of engineering or architectural theories, concepts, principles, standards, and methods sufficient to formulate, execute, advise on and explain recommendations or solutions to modify standard practices, equipment, devices, processes, and techniques and resolve a wide variety of complex problems and adapt precedents or existing strategies to meet unusual needs or special demands.
  • Knowledge of, and skill related to the development of executive level correspondence and the management of programs involving executive level participants.
  • Working knowledge of horizontal and vertical construction, land development, airfield design, design development process, construction means and methods as well as Japanese and US construction practices. Experience in the storage, retrieval and management of construction project documentation is highly desired.
  • Knowledge and skill in program assessment techniques related to resource allocation, risk management, performance metrics and project execution.
  • Thorough knowledge of quantitative and qualitative methods and techniques to develop support deliverable criteria and metrics covering complex program mission and functions.
  • Must have good communication skills, both written and oral, as well as customer service skills due to daily interaction with various levels of rank, authority, positions, both military and civilians. Skill in preparation, presentation, and evaluation of plans, designs, and reports. Experience working with a diverse and often conflicting group of stakeholders on politically sensitive and schedule-constrained construction projects.
  • Broad knowledge of a wide range of building construction and land development projects.
  • Knowledge of project formulation including classification and categorization of work segregation of diverse requirements.
  • Ability to devise, customize, operate, oversee, and/or evaluate specialized information management systems, processes, and application pertaining to the management of construction projects.
  • Skill to interpret the interrelationships of complex technical functions and translate esoteric requirements into specific facility needs.
  • Skill to provide advice and explain recommendations or solutions to modify standard practices, equipment, devices, processes, and techniques and resolve a wide variety of complex construction problems.
  • Possess faculty to understand and adopt non-US-standard design and construction means and methods to meet unusual needs or special demands.
  • Knowledge of collateral equipment installation requirements, facility occupancy use requirements, and post occupancy facility evaluation requirements.
  • Knowledge of military facility design, planning, or actual construction of military structures.
  • Knowledge of Japanese design codes and construction industry standards is highly desirable.


This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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