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Job Openings >> Airfield Planner/Engineer
Airfield Planner/Engineer
Title:Airfield Planner/Engineer
Job Location:Okinawa Japan

ALQIMI is currently seeking an Airfield Planner/Engineer to support our customer located in Okinawa Japan.


  • Serve as expert technical consultant for all assigned airfield and associated system projects. Responsible for functional review and project coordination for projects issues. Participates in requirement revisions requested by the user or as needed because of functional reviews. Provides technical assistance to user activities on all matters of facility requirements including functional layout, technical requirements, and standards. Provides feedback in a timely manner to Program Management Office.
  • Apply broad and advanced technical knowledge for planning and project development for airfield facilities, systems, and studies for communications, navigation, surveillance, and air traffic management systems. Facilities include buildings, runways, taxiways, aprons, and other support facilities. Systems and studies include air traffic control facilities and systems, tactical air navigation (TACAN), precision approach radar (PAR), instrument landing system (ILS), airfield lighting and marking, airfield approach lighting, precision approach path indicators (PAPI) and radar, aircraft arresting gear, aircraft communication receiver and transmitter facilities, digital air surveillance radar (DASR), airfield weather systems, tactical automated security systems, Air Installation Compatible Use Zones, Terminal Instrument Procedures, obstruction marking and lighting plans, airfield imaginary safety surface planning, and other airfield projects.
  • Assist in development and execution of airfield plans and projects. Coordinate user requirements and collateral equipment needs between users, base property, base G-6, USACE, and ODB.
  • Develop, review, analyze, and update Basic Facility Requirements (BFRs), USFJ Form 42s, BCPs, facility requirements, planning, project management, and operations and maintenance (O&M) to accomplish the management and administration of projects assigned. May perform technical inspections for projects during construction and operational testing and evaluation to ensure compliance with requirements and specifications.
  • Assist in scheduling activities in accordance with the FRF master schedule. Interact with FRF PMO master planning and project management teams. Develop planning and program options for review by Initiative stakeholders. Document proposed changes to operational requirements; once validated, coordinates, and incorporates changes into planning and execution products.
  • Identify new or changed USG standards, UFCs, U.S. laws, Executive Orders, and DOD regulations; proposes changes to current Program and Initiative planning or designs to incorporate these revisions. Review proposed changes and provides alternatives for compatibility with the FRF Bilateral Master Plan (BMP), master schedule and special planning studies and zoning criteria (e.g., noise, airfield and airspace criteria, landing systems, radio studies, explosives quantity distance criteria, aircraft accident potential, flood hazards, erosion control, and natural resources protection).
  • Support the execution of pre-construction and construction services for airfield systems.


  • At least three years’ experience in airfield planning of military project is required.
  • Additional experience in design, development, and/or construction preferred.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of International Civil Aviation Organization and Federal Aviation Administration requirements for airfield systems and facilities.
  • Experience and broad knowledge in installing/overseeing airfield navigation, surveillance and air traffic control systems, TACAN, ILS, PAR, airfield lighting and marking, airfield approach lighting, PAPI, aircraft arresting gear, aircraft communication receiver and transmitter systems, DASR, airfield weather systems, ground to air communication, airfield runways, taxiways, aprons, and facilities
  • Position requires expertise in project planning and implementation, to include assessment of support required for various equipment types and operations along with evaluation of systems with multiple operating capabilities.
  • Knowledge of coordination requirements involved in execution of complex systems infrastructure projects costing several million dollars is desirable.



Baccalaureate, or higher, level degree in engineering or a combination of education and experience which furnished a thorough knowledge of the physical and mathematical sciences underlying systems engineering, and a good understanding, both theoretical and practical, of the systems engineering sciences and techniques and their applications.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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